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the ladies of aelo

Carolyn Ewald

Carolyn Johnson, Owner/Senior Event Consultant

Carolyn has a passion for event planning and believes that your wedding should be epic, relaxed, and full of fun & laughter. You shouldn't have to worry about all of your unique details coming together, whether or not a vendor is on time, or if the officiant has your marriage license. A strong background in theatre has given Carolyn over twenty years of experience in putting on a production, and years of being a receptionist has given her organization skills that are second to none. Carolyn will plan and coordinate your special event flawlessly. With her on your team, all you need to do is revel in your special day.

Amy Nolan

Amy Nolan, Owner/Senior Event Consultant

While planning her own wedding in 2009, Amy said to Carolyn, "we could do this." Soon after, a little event company was born. After several years in the Chicago wedding industry, Amy takes pride in helping couples find their own unique ways to express their love and commitment to one another. Over 20 years of experience in theatre and office management has cultivated in Amy the need to keep things organized and on time, an intense attention to detail, and the ever-present desire to make others smile. Amy will put all of the details together to ensure that you experience the happiest day of your lives.

Lauren Beecher

Lauren Beecher, Associate Event Consultant

Lauren's career in event planning began in 2008 as an Events & Activities Manager at Orange Lake Resort in Florida. With her impressive resume of event experience (including private parties, themed events for kids & families, & non-profit fundraising galas), coupled with an intense desire to make people happy, you can rest assured that Lauren will coordinate all of the moving pieces of your wedding and orchestrate a fun, beautiful, & memorable day. Weddings hold a special place in Lauren's heart. She loves the process of listening to a bride's vision and helping her make it come alive on her wedding day.

samantha johnson

Samantha Johnson, Event Coordinator

Growing up with borderline OCD in a family that knows how to throw a party, you could say that Sam was born to be an event planner. Combine that with the years she spent as social chair of her college sorority, and the attention to detail, time management, and crisis-aversion skills that helped her earn a law degree, and you have a person who is uniquely qualified to make sure you have fun at your own wedding. No matter what the day throws at you, Sam will make sure you remember to eat, breathe, and enjoy the moment - and if your bustle breaks or you spill wine on your dress, her background in bridal alterations will help, too.

Rachel Belk

Rachel Belk, Event Coordinator

Rachel has been an Early Childhood educator for 13 years, but she's always had a passion for weddings and events. She joined AELO in the Spring of 2014 and she is loving every minute of it! Rachel delights in being a part of that special day when two people, who are so in love, embark on a new journey together. It brings her joy to ensure that special day is perfect for every couple. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys baking and watching movies - she is a sucker for old classics and musicals, as well as Pumpkin Spice lattes and anything with peanut butter.